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Welcome to the site of Justin Oliver, professional drummer, recording artist, and instructor. Currently offering drum lessons to the Sudbury / Wayland / Hudson / Maynard areas. Justin is a Berklee College of Music graduate teaching drums and percussion to all ability levels and styles.  He enjoys interacting with students and helping them achieve their goals with their instrument.  Often encouraging students to choose their own songs to play, shaping their own path on the instrument.  He sets up a lesson plan breaking down songs into easier parts to develop the skills the student will need to play the song.  Rudiments and reading are also part of the development process.  Applying these skills and techniques to allow the student greater fluidity and comfort with the instrument.  

Feel free to have a look around, watch videos, look at pics, check out performance dates, all accessible from the menu at the top.  Music player can be operated at the bottom of any page.  Thanks for stopping by!

Whats New?

Congratulations Anna! Central District Audition 

I recently helped my long time student prep for her Central District Band Audition. She came to her lesson with the audition piece only three weeks before the audition date. Yikes! We buckled down and really hammered it out. It was fun to help her work through it and sharpen it up. All her hard work really paid off. WIth a score of 50 out of 55, she was selected as 3rd chair for the Massachusetts Central District Band! Congrats Anna! Way to go, you deserve it! Have a blast at the concert!

Studio Open for In Person Lessons Once Again 

Its great to be back doing lessons in the studio again. Doing lessons online has connected me with students across the country and even Canada. I'm grateful that opportunity and will continue to do those lesson online.


Being able to see my students face to face and play alongside them again here in the studio has been such a pleasure.  Its been a long time coming and I'm grateful to see them all again.


Here's to a happy and healthy 2022!

"Another Day" Released 

New song recorded fir Incredible Steps Productions. It was a lot of fun to record this tune. Great studio out in MetroWest. Check it out if you're looking for a great place to record outside the city!

Special Moment for a Teacher 

There are special moments in your life when you feel like what you're doing is really making a difference for people.  Receiving this email from a former student today was one of those days for me:

"Hello Justin, 

I wanted to thank you for the great lessons you gave me the summer of 2016, they really helped me to fix some big holes in my playing. I still apply many of the methods and exercises you taught me in my daily practice routine. 

I recently auditioned for and got hired by an internationally touring band to be their drummer. The band's name is Integrity, they are a hard rock/metal group that I have listened to for the better part of my life, so getting in is sort of a dream come true. 

Your lessons inspired me to work harder and better myself as a musician so that I might some day be able to clearly express my own voice on the drums. I would definitely have come back for more, but I moved back to Baltimore shortly after our lessons ended. I am currently studying with Anup Sastry of Frederick, and am looking into attending a Matt Halpern masterclass. If you know of any teachers in this area that you would recommend, I am all ears. 

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying success in your career. You are a great teacher and player. Feel free to publish any portion of this email on your website if you would like to use it as a testimonial. 

Thank you again"

Best of 2016 

Another great year begins with honors for the lesson studio in Sudbury.  Based on my client reviews, Thumbtack has awarded me the "Best of 2016".  Its the second year in a row I have been included in this list.  Its a great honor and privilege.  I look forward to another great year.  Thank You!

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Where Can I Hear You?

Many of my students have asked me about my performances. Mostly these days my focus is on my band Vibrant. We're some of Boston's best going into our seventh season performing at weddings and events throughout New England. Find out more here.

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Kurt H.
239d ago

I recently picked up a drum kit at a garage sale hoping the kids would take an interest. No such luck! I decided not to let it go to waste and started lessons with Justin Oliver. I could not be happier. My goal is to have fun learning something new and challenging...so far so good. Justin keeps things engaging and interesting and has an easy going positive nature. His love for the drums is infectious and he encourages you to expand your musical knowledge as well. He is a fantastic teacher!

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