Special Moment for a Teacher

There are special moments in your life when you feel like what you're doing is really making a difference for people.  Receiving this email from a former student today was one of those days for me:

"Hello Justin, 

I wanted to thank you for the great lessons you gave me the summer of 2016, they really helped me to fix some big holes in my playing. I still apply many of the methods and exercises you taught me in my daily practice routine. 

I recently auditioned for and got hired by an internationally touring band to be their drummer. The band's name is Integrity, they are a hard rock/metal group that I have listened to for the better part of my life, so getting in is sort of a dream come true. 

Your lessons inspired me to work harder and better myself as a musician so that I might some day be able to clearly express my own voice on the drums. I would definitely have come back for more, but I moved back to Baltimore shortly after our lessons ended. I am currently studying with Anup Sastry of Frederick, and am looking into attending a Matt Halpern masterclass. If you know of any teachers in this area that you would recommend, I am all ears. 

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying success in your career. You are a great teacher and player. Feel free to publish any portion of this email on your website if you would like to use it as a testimonial. 

Thank you again"

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