"Another Day" Released

New song recorded fir Incredible Steps Productions. It was a lot of fun to record this tune. Great studio out in MetroWest. Check it out if you're looking for a great place to record outside the city!


Special Moment for a Teacher

There are special moments in your life when you feel like what you're doing is really making a difference for people.  Receiving this email from a former student today was one of those days for me:

"Hello Justin, 


New Recording with Jozef Nadj 

Just got a sneak peek of a new recording I made with Jozef Nadj.  The track is fantastic!  Can't wait to hear the full album! 


Best of 2016

Another great year begins with honors for the lesson studio in Sudbury.  Based on my client reviews, Thumbtack has awarded me the "Best of 2016".  Its the second year in a row I have been included in this list.  Its…


Former Student Auditioning at New England Conservatory

Its an amazing day for me as a teacher.  One of my former students, that I had taught for years in Framingham, is auditioning today for acceptance in the classical percussion department.  The competition for these placements is incredibly high…

Honors for the New Lesson Studio in Sudbury MA

I was recently honored as a Best of 2015 winner on for my excellent service reviews over the last year at my studio in Sudbury.  Thank You very much to all that have taken the time to review my…


Wynton Marsalis - 12 ways to practice

Great article from a master. Relevant to a lot more than learning music. Great life lessons.

Studio is up and running

I recently built a studio in my home in Sudbury.  Its been a dream of mine for quite a while, to have a place of my own to teach, record, and jam.  Big thanks to RJ Development for the work…