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I've had a lot of great students over the years.  Unfortunately, many of them had no outlet to use the skills they had been working on.  No school bands, no friends that played any instruments.  Often I would find myself talking with them about the importance of practice.  But it was a hard sell if they didn't have anything to practice for, no upcoming performances, no jams with friends. It really didn't matter if their skills got any better.  There was nothing challenging them to get to the next level. 
It wasn't until recently that I started making videos of them performing the songs they had been working on.  This helps them hear and see what they are doing, while giving them a worthwhile performance experience.  While its not the same as performing with other musicians, it'll help them to better understand how their instrument affects a song.  I'll be selecting some of the better performances to be on my website as part of my new "Student Spotlight".  Its my hope that this will help encourage them to continue to develop and find performing opportunities, as well as show them the great progress they have been making. 

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Student Spotlight

I've taught Luke for several years now, right from the very beginning.  He's always had a great attitude and he's a lot of fun to teach.  Its been great watching him develop.  He has a great sense of musicality and time.  Here he's playing along to U2's "Ordinary Love"

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